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Welcome to Fuzzy-Foot Manx Cats and Kittens
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Greetings and welcome to Fuzzy-Foot Manx from Cathy & Jim Dinesen!

Polar BearFuzzy-Foot Cattery was established and registered in The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) in 1972. At that time, we were specializing in Persians and a few Manx.

A lot has happened since 1972. We now have three National Winners in CFA:

Grand Champion, National Winner FUZZY-FOOT’S KALAMAZOO
Grand Champion, National Winner FUZZY-FOOT’S WIZZARD
Grand Champion, National Winner FUZZY-FOOT’S PROGRESS

We have also had several Distinguished Merit cats, one of CFA's highest honors. A Distinguished Merit is awared when when a female has produced five or more grand champions/premiers and a male has produced at least 15 grand champions/premiers. Both our Persian and Manx cats have also earned numerous Regional Awards.

Fuzzy Foot kittensWe are now specializing in the Manx cats and have a Persian. We at Fuzzy-Foot are very proud to announce that this past year we have had five Fuzzy-Foot cats earn their Grand Championship of our own breeding!

Fuzzy-Foot Manx originated out of the love and friendship of two very special people, Becky Cotter and Marion Hall, who are no longer with us. We are very grateful to these two wonderful ladies for making Fuzzy-Foot Manx possible.

Fuzzy-Foot MaggieThe Manx cats have very much become a part of our family. Each kitten receives lots of love and special attention, which makes the kitten ready for their new loving family. The kittens have had their full inoculations before moving to their new home.

Manx are like little people in little fur coats! Each kitten is so special. They are very intelligent, loyal companions who seem to bond with their family. They are wonderful pets and love to play! If you are interested in a Fuzzy-Foot Manx, call us at 913-645-9799 or email us at We'd love to hear from you.

While you're visiting us, please read the history of Manx and the Manx breed profile on the ABOUT MANX page, see our cats on the CATS page, check out our available felines on the KITTEN page and learn more about Manx cats on our LINKS page.

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